• Posting of Event Information on the Site


    Our magic industry is currently suffering from a new virus that is limiting the places and environments in which we can perform. Performers in particular have lost their source of income, and contestants have less and less places to practice.

    We at FISM ASIA will be posting all notified magic events on this website and will do our best to support them. These will be listed as the “Asia Magic Event Information”, so if you are a member or not, please let us know (by mail form) of any magic event, big or small, and we will post it on this site.

    Please note

    • It is at the discretion of FISM ASIA to decide whether or not to publish it. Similarly, due to space and update work, we cannot promise to post all events.
    • Even if an event has ended, it will be posted as a report of that event.
    • Events that are offensive to public order and morals, or that are deemed to be detrimental to FISM ASIA, will not be posted.
    • The inclusion of the event on this site is not an endorsement of FISM or FISM ASIA, nor does it constitute permission to use the logo. We only list events taking place in Asia.
    • If you wish to use the FISM logo, you need to follow the necessary procedures. Also, clubs and organizers are not allowed to use the logo if they are not a member of FISM. Even if you are a member of FISM, you are not allowed to use the logo if the event is not a club event but a personal one or if the event is highly profitable for the members.