How to use the name

We have received a number of inquiries from various quarters and we would like to explain this matter. If you come across any such statements, please be aware that they are false and should not be relied upon in any way.

There are no FISM-related organizations that have a specific country name after the word “FISM” as a notational device. It is only the Continental name (Asia, Europe, North America, etc.), not the country name.

Since Japan belongs to ASIA, the only FISM club in Japan is the one that belongs to FISM ASIA. Of course, there is never a president of FISM for every country in which it exists. In other words, there can be no such thing as “FISM Japan President” or “President of FISM Japan“.

Even if there is only one FISM club in a particular country, we do not give permission to mention the name of the country at all.

We regret that there have been instances in the past where misleading information has been misrepresented. We have tried to explain to you to avoid any misunderstandings in this case in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

At the same time, we have explained the usage of FISM ASIA and FISM ACM in the past (there is no such event called “FISM ASIA”). We hope you will find them useful as well.

The word “FISM” is an organization’s name. It is not the official name of an event. In various occasions, people had used the term “FISM” as the name of the magic events, and they were incorrect. Please note that in Asia, event names and organization names should be used accurately. Please make sure that there is no confusion in names and event titles.

The World Championship of Magic Contest, which is to be held by FISM once every three years, shall be called “FISM World Championships of Magic” (“WCM”). For example, the FISM contests held in Busan, Korea last time was named “FISM WCM 2018”.

The continental qualifying contest to be held in Asia shall be called “FISM Asian Championships of Magic” (“FISM ACM”). “FISM ASIA” is the name of the organization that manages Asian matters on behalf of FISM (International), and is not a name of a convention/ contest. Although it is easy to understand the term “FISM ASIA’s contest”, yet “FISM ASIA” is not the proper term of the event. Therefore, the last ACM held was FISM ACM 2017 (Gifu).

In other words, the next FISM ACM will be “FISM ACM 2020 (in XX)” (XX is the name of the city).

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