General Information

FISM ASIA and ACM organizers decided that it would be difficult to hold FISM ACM 2020 (original date: November 26-29, 2020) due to the worldwide spread of new virus (SARS-CoV-2) and its infectious diseases (COVID-19).The venue has not yet been decided. We will announce it once it is confirmed.

The new dates
Nov.4- Nov. 7 2021

  • Once FISM ASIA has approved the contestants submitted by each club, these contestants will go on to compete in the ACM even though the dates of the event have been moved forward. 
  • If you have already registered and paid for the event, your registration is still valid. 
  • Some parts of the website may contain the date before the change. The only information that can be announced at this time is the information here. It supports sequential correction.


  1. Date and Venue
  2. Registration Fee
  3. Sign on the AMN website (Registration)
  4. Name Change (Resale)
  5. Cancelation
  6. Hotel information
  7. For Contestants
  8. Invitation letter or VISA documents request
  9. Magic Fair (Dealer)

Date and Venue

DateNov. 4th (Thursday) to 7th (Sunday), 2021
*If you can not see above, please click these below other map links
Kakao Map  /  KONEST  /  Baidu  
It is based on the time of the venue, Korea.Registration FeeVIP Registration Fee
A: Until March 31st 2020320 USD540 USD
B: Until May 31st 2020350 USD570 USD
C: Until September 30th 2020400 USD620 USD
D: After October 1st 2020450 USD670 USD
  1. Registration includes all events and Banquet (not including the Contestant Fee).
  2. VIP Registration is always given the highest priority for seating (will secure the front seats whenever you apply).
  3. No Group Discount in this time, there is an early-bird discount only.
  4. Seats will be decided on a first-come-first-served basis (except VIP Registration).
  5. All registration should be done from the link below (AMN:Asian Magic Network site).
  6. When you make a registration, a separate registration for RED and BLUE is required. There is a possibility of being divided into two groups on the event. Therefore, if you want to participate with friends on the same timetable, be sure to select the same color.The color cannot be changed after made a registration.
  7. If multiple (Group) registrations are made at one time (such as couples, in one time order you can register max 10 people), we will arrange seats next to each other unless the representative has registered at the same time (same Order ID is required) . We cannot respond to requests such as later.
  8. One order (one order ID) can handle up to 10 registrations. However, only one representative can register (input the name etc) for one order, so please let us know the other person’s AMN ID from this site after payment. All participants must create (register) an ID on the AMN site.  
  9. On the day of the event (at the registration desk), we will check your passport and exchange the name tag with tickets etcMake sure to apply with the same name as your passport (also we check your date of birth).
  10. Payment of Registration is only credit card or bank transfer (Korean Bank). In the case of bank transfer, if payment cannot be confirmed within 2 weeks after application, it will be automatically cancelled.

Sign on the AMN website (Registration)

  1. Once registration is ordered, each applicant can confirm their application status by entering their ID and password on the AMN-Web.
  2. The first step of any deposit method will show “On hold”.
  3. If you pay by Card, if there is only one Registration, then it will be changed to “Completed”  because no further confirmation is required. However, this is done by a manual check.
  4. If you pay by Card, if there are multiple Registrations, confirm the registration of the non-representative, and change it to “Completed” if you can confirm. In other words, it remains “On hold” until the registration is completed.
  5. In the case of Bank Transfer, confirm the payment, (and If there is more than one application, confirm the AMN-ID other than the representative) and change it to “Completed” when all are confirmed. In other words, it remains “On hold” or “Pending payment” until the registration is completed.
  6. No Registration Number will be issued unless it becomes Completed. In addition, a Registration Number will be issued to each individual after September 2020 (It is based on the time of the venue, Korea). Until then, only the Order ID will be issued.

Name Change (Resale)

  1. Any change of name is not permitted between individuals because the passport is checked when the name tag is exchanged. Please be sure to contact the secretariat.
  2. Name changes will be accepted until September 30th with a fee (15 USD, only accept pay by PayPal). We will not accept anything after that (It is based on the time of the venue, Korea).
  3. No resale is allowed. Only the applicant at the time of application shall have the rights, and the name change should be made with the permission of the secretariat.
  4. Registration will be invalidated if there is a different person from the registered one.
  5. The name change criteria will be based on the date that this site is contacted.

Name Change Apply


  1. Once paid,  will be refunded by deducting 15% of the payment amount until September 30th (It is based on the time of the venue, Korea). 
  2. No refunds can be made for future dates. 
  3. In addition, a separate remittance fee is required for the amount you receive (it depends your bank or your residence).
  4. The refund method will be based on the method paid. If you pay by Card, you will be refunded to Paypal, and if you transfer by bank, you will transfer it to your bank account.
  5. The Cancel criteria will be based on the date that this site is contacted.
  6. Term and Condition agreement is required when purchasing ACM2020 Registration on AMN site. Please understand beforehand that the following contents are described in this part. ===== If the event must be canceled or postponed due to force majeure, the cancellation date will be extended and a refund will be given. However, the fee required for the refund (approximately 15% of the paid amount) will be borne by the applicant. Force majeure refers to public health issues (including coronavirus infections), wars, terrorism, and so on.


Hotel information

  1. Here we provide links for hotel travel agency link. In addition, FISM ASIA and ACM organizers do not handle hotels.
  2. If you would like to stay at a hotel near the venue, please make a reservation for a hotel near “Busan Citizen’s Hall” from the map.
  3. The organizer does not provide any shuttle bus from the venue. Please come to the venue by public transport.

Hotel Booking
coming soon

For Contestants

Information will be sent separately from FISM ASIA to Contestants. Here are some basic information.

  1. To participate in ACM as a contestant, you must have a recommendation from your club (FISM member from your country) or AEB permission. If there are none of them, you will not be able to participate as a Contestant.
  2. We (FISM ASIA) will collect the contestants list from your club presidents (deadline is end of April 2020), once we finalized it, will announce details to each contestant individually. Also Contestant Fee will announce in same time.
  3. Anytime for contestants register by A price (please wait to get information from FISM ASIA).
  4. Rehearsal start from 26th morning (first day of the event), please arrive at Busan on 25th at least (one day before the event date)
  5. Rehearsal day/time (Contest day/time) for each contestant at least to announce 1 month before the ACM.
  6. Rehearsal day/time cannot be determined by a request from the Contestants from the perspective of fairness.

Invitation letter or VISA documents request

  1. Invitation Letters can be applied for after registration. Please apply for Invitation Letter from below link. We will send you a PDF by email. You cannot apply for VISA with this document alone. It is only stated that you will travel to Korea for the purpose of participating in the event.
  2. If you have to apply for a VISA to travel to Korea, please apply the documents from link blow. This application includes an Invitation Letter and documents to be submitted to the Korean embassy in your country. This document cannot be sent by emailYou will need to pay an administrative fee for all postal services.
  3. Under no circumstances can FISM ASIA or ACM organizers guarantee travel. The application is made by the individual submitting the documents we issue to the Korean embassy. If you are unable to travel without a VISA issued, the cancellation rules will apply as usual. Please consider the time for applying for VISA.

Invitation Latter / VISA
We will start this site from May 2020

Magic Fair (Dealer)

  1. Magic Fair (Dealer) requires a booth fee.
  2. A separate Registration is required for each participant. (If you come one people, need to order 1x Registration fee + 1x Booth Fee at least)
  3. This site only handles Registration, so if you are considering opening a store, please contact here.