AEB Slots

Contestant recommendation by FISM AEB

We AEB (FISM ASIA Executive Board), will establish a new contest slots (“AEB Slots”) due to various special situations in Asia (such as travelling difficulties/prohibitions due to international political reasons). The functions of this scheme include finding more “talented magicians” and assist them to elevate their talents from Asia to WCM. This scheme provides the right to be qualified for ACM.

The conditions are as follows:

  1. Regardless whether it is a FISM member or not, every magic society in Asia could organize a magic contest (“Contest”).
  2. Basically, the Contest must be held, but this does not apply if FISM ASIA finds it difficult to hold such a Contest. In such a case, please understand that the rules described in this content will be changed on a case-by-case basis (selection method and number of people selected).
  3. The Organizer must invite not less than two AEB members to the Contest / performance as judges. *If the Contest is not held, this condition will be changed.
  4. If you wish to hold a contest, Not only local magicians from the same country could enter the Contest. Magicians from countries outside the Contest Organizer’s home country (but within Asia) could also enter the Contest.
  5. After judging the Contest / Performance, if the AEB members agree that the standard of the Act was in line with the FISM WCM level, AEB would decide whether the AEB Slots be granted to any contestant in the Contest / Performer.
  6. If AEB member judges do not think that a FISM WCM standard has been reached, there will not be any provision of AEB Slots. The winners of the Contest / performer could not obtain such ACM qualifying contest rights.
  7. The scope of AEB Slots is limited to a maximum in total of 2 slots (If the contest being held is both stage and close-up, there is one slot for each category. In other words, up to 2 slots.) for each contest event. *If the Contest is not held, this condition will be changed.
  8. For marketing purposes, the Contest and related event could be promoted by the phrase “contestants might be given the right to compete in ACM! “, but such advertisement shall also clearly state that such ACM entry right is not a “commitment”.
  9. It is necessary to hold the Contest more than 100 days before ACM is held.
  10. To make an application, the Organizer must send an application, together with the necessary information, to FISM ASIA OFFICE by email.
  11. We will respond on a first-come, first-served basis to consider the applicability of the AEB for each application that reaches the secretariat. This content will end when the application reaches the set limit.
  12. We will hold a discussion with AEB after application comes. If there are many applications, we will provide AEB Slots for up to five events.
  13. Organizer cannot request any specific member of AEB to attach the contest event. AEB will make its own decisions.
  14. Under this scheme, AEB will only provide “certificates”, and not “trophies”. If the Organizer wishes to present trophies in his / her event, please ensure that the audience would clearly understand that the Trophies are not presented by FISM or FISM ASIA.
  15. After the Performance(s) (before the award ceremony), the Organizer needs to provide time (1 hour or more) and place where the AEB can hold the meeting.
  16. If an AEB Slot was offered as a special prize to the first place winner of the contest, and such first place winner does not wish to participate in ACM, such AEB Slot may be offered to the second place winner.”
  17. This content will be treated as a special award for existing contests. Contest organizer needs to confirm in advance that all contestants are candidates for ACM.
  18. If the rules of the contest are different from those of FISM, the final results of such contest might be affected. In this situation, if the AEB Judges are of the view that such first place winner does not have the FISM WCM level, they could make a decision to grant the AEB Slot to another contestant (even though he/she is not the first place winner of such contest).”
  19. Please understand that this is the basic information and that details may change depending on various cases.
  20. This Web site contains only the basic requirements. Please be sure to contact us in advance for more information.

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