Member Societies

  • Bangladesh (3 society)

    Bangladesh Jaduokar Parishad (BJP)

    Magic Society of Bangladesh / Bangladesh (FISM member)

    The Magicians’ Society of Bangladesh (MSB) is an independent non-profitable organization coordinates and maintain by founder Mr. Aliraj.

    We are the representative body for Asian Magic Association and Aliraj is the president of FISM & AMA Bangladesh.

    China Mainland (4 society)

    Guilin Magic Association

    Shanghai International Magic Festival(SIMF)

    President:Yigang YU
    Contact Person:Jin WEI

    Chinese Taipei (5 society)

    Magicians’ Association of Taiwn

    TMA (Taiwan Magic development Association)

    TMA (Taiwan Magic development Association) was established in August 2003 by magic clubs of five universities in Taipei, and has been holding annual international conventions since 2004, and joined FISM in 2010.

    TMA(Taiwan Magic development Association)は、台北にある5つの大学マジックサークルが集まって2003年8月に結成された組織です。2004年より国際コンベンションを毎年開催し、2010年よりFISMに加盟しました。

    President: Yoyo Lin
    会長:林 友友

    808 Magic Club

    President:Elbert LIAO

    Black Hat Magic Association

    President:Kaifu WAN

    Magicians’ Association of Taiwan

    President:Dante LAW

    Hong Kong, China (1 society)

    Magicians’ Association of Hong Kong / Hong Kong (Board Director) (FISM member)

    Magicians’ Association of Hong Kong (“MAHK”) was founded in 1989, and was registered as a non-profit making organization in 1991. Objects of MAHK include promoting the art of magic; advancing technical and artistic standards of magic; and elevating magicians’ social connection within our community.

    Apart from being affiliated to both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians, MAHK is an executive director of A.M.A. (Asian Magic Association). It is also a very active member of F.I.S.M. (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques). 

    MAHK’s members include magic hobbyists and professional magicians. It hosts monthly magicians meetings in Hong Kong, and organizes magic events regularly, such as magic shows, master lectures and magic conventions/conferences. For the last 25 years, the annual Hong Kong Open Magic Championships, organized by MAHK, had produced many Hong Kong Stage Magic/Close-up Magic Champions. Many of these talented young men and women continue to be active in the magic world, with some also becoming successful internationally.

    Honorary President : Albert Tam
    President : Kenneth Chan

    Macau, China (1 society)

    India (1 society)

    Japan (5 society)

    Japan Professional Magicians’ Association

    The Japan Professional Magicians’ Association is an organization of professional magicians in Japan that will soon celebrate its 90th anniversary. As a public interest incorporated association, it works in cooperation with the Agency for Cultural Affairs and other governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote the development of young magicians and the spread and promotion of magic by holding magic shows, training sessions, and other magic-related events. The purpose of the organization is to improve the status of magicians in general and to raise public awareness of magic art, thereby contributing to the development of magic culture in Japan.

    President Ken MASAKI
    Vice President Hase Kazuyuki
    Executive Director Dolphine
    Director Hitomi NANA
    Director Wada Natsuki
    Director TanBA
    Director Fujimoto Akiyoshi
    Director Show-Time
    Director Wakaba
    Director Black Satan
    Director Kitano Daichi

    Japan Close-up Magic Association / Japan (FISM member)

    Since the year 2000, JCMA has been promoting many activities focused on close-up magic all over Japan. Our contest is called “Challengers’ LIVE”. We hold Challengers’ LIVE contests twice a year in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and even in other lesser-known cities. All “Challengers’ LIVE” winners then compete at The Japan Cup, a one-day international convention of close-up magic held in Tokyo.

    The Japan Cup is held every March and is our biggest event of the year.

    President Birdie
    Advisor Tashiro Shigeru

    Magician’s Network Japan(MNJ)

    Society of Japanese Magicians

    President:Junichiro SEJIMA

    Korea (4 society)

    Alexander Magic Family / Korea (Board Director) (FISM member)

    President:Juno KIM

    The Magic Union Korea

    President:Son-Gu AN(Yuji YASUDA)

    Malaysia (2 society)

    Magic Ring of Malaysia / Malaysia (FISM member)

    President:Leow Fei LONG
    Vice-President (Contact Person):Vincent TAN

    Malaysian Magic Society

    President:Kenny YASU

    North Korea (2 society)

    Korea Magic Association of DPRK

    President:Thaek-Song KIM

    Philippines (1 society)

    Inner Magic Club

    Inner Magic Club
    President : Ted Bravo
    Contact Person/Delegate : James Cuevas

    Singapore (1 society)

    Thailand (5 society)

    Magic Association (Thailand) (MATL)

    President:Dr. Jetsada DENDOUNGBORIPHAT
    Contact Person:Mr. Pitak CHUEKAEW(a.k.a. Dr. Man)

    Siam Magic Club

    Siam Magic Club of Thailand is one of the AMA founder member societies, which was established by Mr. Pairuch Tarasansombat with three other magicians in 1976 September. 

    Mr. Pairuch is now the President of the society. 

    The society is now have a club house loacted in Siam Maya House Bangkok Thailand., where have regular monthly members’ meeting in the last Sunday.

    Siam Magic Club had successfully organized 2005 and 2008 AMA Convention in Bangkok, and it is now one of the Asian member societies in FISM.

    Thailand Magician Association (TIMA)

    President:Mr.Pawat PASTISAKUL(a.k.a. Joe)

    Vietnam (2 society)

    Vietnam Magicians Association

    President:Mr. Palmas NGUYEN