Japan Professional Magicians’ Association


The Japan Professional Magicians’ Association is an organization of professional magicians in Japan that will soon celebrate its 90th anniversary. As a public interest incorporated association, it works in cooperation with the Agency for Cultural Affairs and other governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote the development of young magicians and the spread and promotion of magic by holding magic shows, training sessions, and other magic-related events. The purpose of the organization is to improve the status of magicians in general and to raise public awareness of magic art, thereby contributing to the development of magic culture in Japan.

President Ken MASAKI
Vice President Hase Kazuyuki
Executive Director Dolphine
Director Hitomi NANA
Director Wada Natsuki
Director TanBA
Director Fujimoto Akiyoshi
Director Show-Time
Director Wakaba
Director Black Satan
Director Kitano Daichi